“Royal Crown has always been a synonym for luxury perfumes; a brand that aims for exclusivity, and that operates with passion and conviction, towards the magnificent art of the olfactory language constantly rising, as an added value in the choices of style that each person takes, in order to distinguish themselves, choosing superb creation not to be enjoyed by everybody, but to be admired and appreciated for its intricate beauty.
A Royal Crown perfume is a creative activity that, at the same time, is history, comunication willingness to express feelings, memories, situations in an intangible creation that spreads ” per fumum ” ( through smoke ) that, in the perceiver triggers intense emotional and vital reactions.
These olfactory masterpieces are works of art, through fashion and trends, that always strive for excellence in quality, attention to details and olfactory harmonies.
A Royal Crown creation is for those dedicated to quest for excellence, as an expression of themselves.
To those who wish to transmit the enchantment of lost scents; intense fragrances that the skin transforms into an enchanting, magnetic Aura, giving charisma and charm to all those that use it.
Antonio Martino Visconti, the creator of the Royal Crown brand’s, is the heir of the ancient family Visconti a Florentine master glover and perfumers in France at the beginning of the 20th century.
According to him, creating a perfume is like dreaming; he imagines the smell, the taste and the sound it will have.” – a note from the brand.