Initio Parfums seeks to share the animalic potency and perfume’s role as an ‘invisible pheromonal force’ – but it does so via very beautiful fragrances, working with leading perfumers, including Constantin Gueros, Alexandra Kosinski, and the legendary Alberto Morillas and Maurice Roucel.

This is perfume as alchemy, explains Sonia. And so Initio Parfums has created distinct collections: The Absolutes (which focus on natural ingredients), The Magnetic Blends – which draw on some of perfumery’s most fascinating and beguiling synthetics for their power, Carnal Blends, which are as daring as they sound. – And the new Hedonist Collection which focuses on sublime natural ingredients, a perfect harmony, the purest equation in perfumery and the highest quality formula. Commented Sonia in one interview, about the creative process: ‘There were no budgets. We said to everyone: “The only limit is your imagination.”’